HP 6127 Printer

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We needed a new printer - our (at least five year old) Canon BJC-610 was not at all happy working with Mac OS X via Linux. As Arteth needs to print stuff for her course, and she works on a Mac, we decided to upgrade.

I originally chose and ordered an HP 995c, an unusual printer with Bluetooth networking and a duplex unit built in. It was recently discontinued, and I couldn’t get hold of one without waiting until February, so after some very last minute research I ordered an HP 6127 instead.

This seems to be the official replacement for the HP 995c - it has a similar spec, but most importantly, it’s got better features, it looks nicer, and it’s cheaper. It also arrived the next morning, despite me ordering at 4.30pm in late December. Thanks Simply Computers.

Key features - Nice print quality. Aimed more at office use (charts etc) than photos. - Very, very easy to set up and use. - Not a bad speed, but pretty quiet. - A duplexer. It can print on both sides of each sheet paper, if you want. - It has excellent drivers for all almost all operating systems. Mac OS X, Linux, Unix, etc. - No Bluetooth, but instead it has full 10/100 ethernet and a web-based user interface built in. This is very nice.

At work I last year I ordered some networkable printers from Epson. This HP has much better features for half the price.

On my experience so far, I thoroughly recommend it as a home network or small office printer.