When Lardy Children Attack

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Peta recently launched a campaign to persuade the notoriously unhealthy children of Scotland to cut back on dairy products. The campaign features someone handing out leaflets and, for some reason, a man dressed as a cow.

Things didn’t go as planned in Aberdeen. Around 100 chanting and banner wielding children attacked the Peta campaigners and drenched them with milk.

I think that cow milk is a disgusting substance which causes cows to suffer and damages the health of humans, but this is such a good story. Many children smoke, have unprotected sex and sniff glue. They ignore adult advice even when the facts are established and obvious. School children are not going to listen to a man in a cow suit. University students will, as they have the concept of irony.

I think Peta should focus their dairy campaign on the people must likely to accept it - well educated adults. Or invest in a riot van disguised a cow, maybe with a water cannon loaded with soy milk…

Link: Milk protest turns sour

(I can vouch for the claim that milk makes people “phlegmy”. I’ve blown my nose once in over a year. I still get colds, but the phlegmy symptoms have vanished.)