New Project: Hippo

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This one isn’t going to be finished for a long time - I expect to release it next summer. Hippo is primarily for my own use, and possibly for use at work too, much later. I aim to work on the “Flexible Jabber” projects at weekends, and slowly develop Hippo in the evenings in between smaller projects like Cat. It’s going to be single user and with data input through Webmin at first, and hopefully grow into a full application. Maybe.

Hippo is a web based app. It’s a familiar tool implemented in an unusual way. I’ve toyed with using PHP (with Smarty and Adodb) for a while, but in the end I’ve decided to stick with Perl. No CGI stuff this time: pure handler-based Mod_Perl, a big SQL database, and the quite amazing Template Toolkit Perl module. Layout will be almost completely through CSS. Themes too, but the Template Toolkit makes that rather too easy. So far, a vapourware spec fit for an Amiga fanatic, but bits of it are already working.

It keeps me off the streets.