The Best Laid Plans…

- - posted in Ancient Archives

I’ve booked monday off work as holiday, and planned to get down to some intensive Perl hacking this weekend. I wanted to get Fljud updated with some nice extras, Fljauth 0.1 ready for release, and get a vcard server running too. So far, I’ve not done very well.

Spending time messing with Mac OS X “Jaguar” on the iBook was fun. Almost all of the little faults of Mac OS 10.1 are gone. I could use Mac OS X as my only OS now. It’s still a little slow to respond at times, but it’s just so nice. I’m puzzled by the strange printing system. I like CUPS, but Apple seem to have removed most of the drivers. More investigation required. A pleasant way to spend Saturday morning.

    A Bad Stomach and puncturing my foot on a nail was not a nice way to spend Saturday afternoon. It wasn't even the pointed end of nail, it was a flat topped nail that materialised in the carpet like one of the screws in The Street of Crocodiles, (the animation, not the book) just in time to pop a nice hole in my heel.

    And then Sunday's coding was ruined by my computers entering The Twilight Zone. I'd upgraded my PC to Mandrake 9 last weekend, which may have had something to do with it. My freshly transplanted development LDAP server is clearly insane, my dev Jabber server is behaving strangely (I've not even touched it, it's on my server) and I've ended up spending 10 hours trying to track down the causes so far. Computer A can access the LDAP server on computer B just fine. But computer B can only bind to the LDAP server on itself, computer B. Search results are all empty. I shall soon return to this interesting problem.

    I want to get Fljauth and "the vcard component" (I haven't named it yet, "fljcard" maybe) out of the way so I can work on SmartCast. Maybe tomorrow. Luckily I've got a longer weekend next week as well.